by hamishandkat

postcardWe spent last week going from Victoria, B.C. across the Canadian border to Seattle.  I didn’t actually take that many photos for some reason – most of our time was spent sleeping, recovering from sickness and an exhaustive weekend of snowboarding the weekend before.


Highlights were:

Bop Street Records in Ballard – really upset I didn’t take my camera with me… the expanse of Dave’s collection of records for sale is so impressive, and he’s a really nice guy

Serious Pie – Pizza place close to Belltown, owned by Tom Douglas (Seattle restaurant tycoon)

Clever Bottle in Belltown- Happy hour cocktails

Tavolata – Italian restaurant, owned by another prolific Seattle restauranteur Ethan Stowell

Beecher’s – Cheese factory that also dishes out great toasted cheese sandwiches and mac’n’cheese



Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Ballard – smoked sipping hot choclate was pretty great

Having my hair and beard trimmed at Rudy’s – hipster barbers with branches in Seatlle & NYC

Back in rainier Vancouver now, and entered on our work visas so ready to go! : s)