The Photographers’ Gallery – London

by hamishandkat

Image by Kate Elliott

When we were in London in June-ish we dropped by The Photographers’ Gallery near Oxford St, expect they were in the middle of changing over all their exhibitions.  When we went back a couple of weeks ago we managed to catch a couple of exhibitions and a documentary, instead of just spending a bunch of time wanting everything in their downstairs shop.

The documentary ‘Somewhere to Disappear’ by Laure Flammarion & Arnaud Uyttenhove follows photographer Alec Soth (and his massive large format camera) around the US as he goes in search of hermits and recluse cave dwellers for his project Broken Manual.  It’s really well put together, shows a great side of a photographer following his concept over the course of about 18 months.  Pretty interesting stuff.


The Shoot! exhibition kind of focused around Shooting Galleries that were/are around fairs and carnivals where if you shoot a bullseye with an air rifle it activates the shutter of a camera and captures the moment of your shot.  One of the two highlights for me was a series of images taken in this way of one woman, Ria Van Dijk, spanning about 50 years.

They also had a gallery set up in the corner, which i couldn’t go past to show off my recently improved marksman skills.

The other highlight was Rudolph Steiner’s series of shots made by shooting an air rifle through a box thus creating a pinhole camera, exposing the film but also leaving a hole through the film – very cool and makes me want to give it a shot (Ha! Pun!)