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by hamishandkat

This blog’s been seriously neglected over the past few months, especially after getting into the swing of things in London and France with getting content up quickly and as it happens.

A lot’s been happening… after nearly 18 months of traveling we went home to Perth for a great couple of months and are now back on the road on a different journey.  With 2 year work visas for Canada we’re going to give Vancouver a go as a base, hopefully do some winter sports and get out to see some of Canada.

We spent a great week in London immediately after Perth, catching up with a few friends and hanging out and then flew to New York last week a day or two after the storm which was a very surreal experience.  Kat had been to NYC before whereas I hadn’t, and driving across the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan and seeing the northern part of the city lit up, but everything south of 34th St (where we were staying) in complete darkness made it feel like we were entering Gotham City in a Batman flick.

Iwan Baan, a Dutch Photographer got some great images (From DeZeen, via Kev Macey)

The audio in this piece gets a bit full on, but amazing shots and time lapse.

And a couple of mine..

Power Outtage

Flat Iron Building and south without power.

I found New York overwhelming… as somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time with a huge list of must do’s I’m left wanting.. having the power off and no subway for the first day or two didn’t help.

Definite highlights were:

  • Knicks game at Madison Square Gardens
  • Spending the afternoon walking from Manhattan and through Brooklyn
  • Momofuku
  • Wythe Hotel upstairs bar
  • Fette Sau

I think I’ve found more things to add to my list than check off.  Definitely need a couple of weeks next time.

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