by hamishandkat

A tonne of photos from Mongolia – most of these went up on Facebook a while ago, just taken me a while to get around to putting them here.

A number of different reasons meant we only had a couple of weeks maximum in Mongolia – we had hoped to get out to the far west near the Kazakhstan border but the time taken to get there ruled it out.  Instead we opted to team up with two French girls, Violet and Celine, and head north to Lake Hovsgol with a van, awesome driver Gambar and our super-great guide Khuu (silent K).

The highlight of the road trip, apart from amazing scenery, was 24hours involving staying with a local family, hanging out with them for the afternoon, sleeping on the floor of their ger, and then, by an amazing stroke of luck getting to see a mini-Nadaam festival the next day.  Nadaam festivals are held all over the country in July, but the valley here had had a rough season with little rain so had a ceremony up on the hill, a horse race and a bit of traditional wrestling.  As well as the satisfying the peoples’ supertstitions, it was fantastic to see everybody getting together when times are tough.


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