HDR Tests

by hamishandkat

Seeing as we have the laptop with us I decided to give some HDR images a crack.  HDR (High Dynamic Range) basically combines multiple images of different exposures, some too dark, some too light, some just right, giving you detail in shadows that would be blacks and colour/detail in a sky that might be overexposed. My personal thoughts are that a lot of the time it’s overdone, ending in a CGI feel, but I guess it depends what sort of look you’re going for.  Looking forward to playing with it some more.

So this is about the median exposure, straight from the camera, of the original 7 images I used for the HDR and shows good detail in the buildings when shot into the sunset, but misses the colour in the sky (other ways around this would be flashes and graduated filters which I may pick up if I see one)

HDR Image slightly overcooked for my personal taste…

…and then toned down to a more realistic level

And a HDR a composite of these three images…

…ends up looking something like this