Kanchanaburi : Thai-Burma Railway

by hamishandkat

From Bangkok we missed the train and instead took a minibus to Kanchanaburi, site of the Bridge over the River Kwae and towards the end of the remaining sections of the Thai-Burma railway constructed by the Japanese during WW2 with the help of 180,000 enlisted asian labourers and 60,000 allied POWs.  About half the asian labourers died, as did around 16,000 allied prisoners.

The memorial museum at Hellfire Pass is very well done, a joint effort between the Thai and Australian governments and a very fitting tribute to those who suffered during construction.

View from the railway bed looking towards the Burmese border and the further lengths of track

We found Hellfire Pass itself to be very sombre, humbling place… looking up from the bottom of the cutting you can feel the hardships that those involved would have been through, not only here but along the length of the railway.

Looking up from the floor of the cutting

Towards Bangkok

Towards Burma

Bridge over the River Kwae