by hamishandkat

We wanted to break the trip up from Koh Tao to Bangkok, so we scheduled a couple of stops; Hua Hin and Phetchaburi

Hua Hin was an overnight stop, partly to break up any overnight buses but more importantly iit allowed us to swap from express aircon buses to our preferred local buses.  It’s a difficult thing to try and explain to some people; the fact we would rather be the only non-locals on a bus with the windows down than an aircon number with soft suspension isn’t easily qualified.  Not that it has to be, ’cause it’s for us, but there are the odd remarks.  The isolated and sterile experience on a express bus journey between major tourism centres is definitely easier, just not as much fun.

Case in point, our trip from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi.  Mini buses and taxis were available, but a short walk around the corner and we board a wooden floored bus, sharing the backseat with this guy…

Monk on his iPad2

With grins on our faces, and taking it as a positive omen, we managed to pick the guesthouse we wanted to stay in for a couple of nights and get off the bus in the right spot.  A short walk around the old town, peppered with Wats (temples), we can tell from the looks on people’s faces it isn’t as big a drawcard on most people’s holiday radar.


The best Pad Thai we've had came from this place

The main reason to come to Phetchaburi is to visit some of the temples within cave systems… and after a noisy night’s sleep we rented bikes and rode around.

Stairway to...?

Reclining Buddha

Wall licking monkey