Koh Tao for Two Weeks

by hamishandkat

Koh Tao is the perfect place to forget what day it is, or how long you’ve been there, get some diving in and occasionally have a bit of a party.

Koh Phangnan didn’t really leave us much to report on – we were there in the lull between full moon parties, and while the quiet was nice it seems the area around Hat Rin is really set up to cater for either the lead up or the aftermath/hangovers of those, with most restaurants playing back to back episodes of Friends all day.  We were both feeling a bit strange from not doing too much there, and decided to bail and head to Koh Tao for some diving.

Scuba Chicky

We met a girl/spruiker on the ferry on the way over from Big Blue Diving, and with free transfers and half price (or in the case of dorms, Free!) accommodation on the days you dive we locked it in for “a few days” that ever so slowly turned into two weeks.  A big thanks and hello to Reggie, Steven and Ant from Big Blue, you guys rock.

Sairee Sunset

Koh Nang Yuan

We hired a motorbike for a couple of days and cruised around to some of the other beaches, and spent an afternoon being ferried around by a water taxi; snorkelling at Mango Bay (spent an hour and a half diving into and through a huge bait ball of thousands of Fusiliers) and chilling at on Koh Nang Yuan, which has to be one of the most picturesque places ever.

Under The Sea….

I hired an underwater camera for double Chumpon dives, scoring a close up encounter with a big Marbled Grouper hanging out in the murkiness of the thermocline (~28m) and a big school of Barracuda.

Heading for the surface

Marbled Grouper

Chevron Barracuda

More Chevron Barracuda

And again....

Heading out for a night dive

Big Blue had a lot of dogs hanging around – in different degrees of camp dogness.  Ernie was relatively normal, as was Lulu, Ugly is just battle scarred, the dog we named Peggie (the Keggie) had the shortest legs possible while Rocko had the the longest, out of proportion legs I’ve seen on a dog, and apparently he has quite the taste for imported sardines…


Peggie's stumpy legs

We were reading…



How Shackleton and his men made it through that alive is nothing short of amazing.

…And listening to…

(and in the night time we listened to  the doof from the nearby club, until we worked out that the window in our room actually closed)