by hamishandkat

The Perhentians are in another group of islands (getting sick about reading about us visiting ANOTHER island… guess what? there’s more coming in Thailand…) with most of the backpacking crowd staying on the smaller Perhentian Kecil.

We did what has become the norm for us, just rock up and try find somehwere amongst the places that sound alright from the guidebook… This time it took a while to do the walk of shame with our packs first up one end of Long beach, then back down the other… While everyone that arrived a few days before hand sipped beers or played volleyball or worked on their already very pink tans.

We had had problems with an ATM and pretty much had to come with the money we had with us, which was enough for food and accommodation for a few days and return tickets, but not enough for diving everyday, so we managed to get a couple of days in on the credit card and hang out and snorkel the other days.

The two dives we did were awesome, Sugar Wreck ( a 10 year olld 110m long wreck sitting in about 20m of water ) and T3, a site with granite boulders stacked on top of each other with heaps of swim throughs.  I did use about 20 bar more than usual on T3, getting stung by something in one of the longer swim throughs, presumably fire coral now that I speak to people, but not knowing what it was made me a bit nervous: ‘what was that? lionfish? stonefish? urchin? Do i tell the guide and risk ending everyone’s dive after twenty mins?  Feels different to that urchin the other day…Let’s just wait it out shall we….’ while sucking down the air.

Also found a really good bar doing steaks, beef wellingtons and burgers for really good prices, so we both had our first steaks in three and a half months.  Rare please!