Pulau Tioman : 7th-12th July

by hamishandkat

Tioman is one of those places that seems to attract the right type of people – everyone’s laid back and friendly, and although, judging by the abandonded buildings and food stalls, it seemed like it had seen busier times it was still heaps of fun.

We decided to do our advanced diving qualification while we were here, including a night dive (awesome) which will hopefully make it easier when diving with different charters over the next few months.

A morning’s diving…

Dreamy days (lalalalah)

Monkey Bay. After a quick swim Kat decided to have a nap on the beach while I busied myself about making a gypsy swinging chair that was actually more comfortable than it looks.

Darren, with some of the good Captain's finest...

B&J dive bar...

As well as running us through the ins and outs of tech-diving, Ville was nice enough to show us his photos from diving the Repulse wreck and, shown here, his showreel of the work he did as special effects supervisor for my favourite Christmas film ever, Rare Exports. Nice.