Borobudur – 6th-7th June

by hamishandkat

From Yogyakarta we made a quick overnight trip to Borobudur – taking a couple of local buses and deciding to stay at the Manohara Hotel, within the temple grounds.  Although considerably more expensive than our usual accommodation, it allowed us (relatively) unrestricted access to the temple.  We were able to visit in the afternoon until closing, then be back up again for sunrise without having to join a tour, have a nap and breakfast and head up again before check out!

It really is an amazing place; so ancient but lay forgotten for centuries until colonisation, disassembled and then reassembled, partly blown-up in the 90’s and now being conserved slowly.  I do have doubts about the monument/stone’s ability to sustain the type of tourism it is subjected to despite it’s UNESCO status – there’s no controlling an Indonesian’s desire to pose sitting on a statue for a camera phone picture.