Togean Islands

by hamishandkat

We’re a couple of weeks behind on posts so time to play catch up…

Following our few dys in the hills of Tana Toraja we made the move to the Togean Islands, involving new levels of sleep deprivation, midnight rendevous with other travellers to pool resources and the usual assault of indo-pop music throught the early hours of the morning.

We did our first dives and Hamish caught his first fish of the trip here. Diving was spectacular, especially at Una Una where we were surrounded by a school of 1000 or so barracuda – not a bad experience for our 9th dive ever.

This is the sort of place you want to have your own boat (or seakayaks) and mooch around for a month or more between villages and islands, catching your own dinner and either sleeping on the beach or a hotel every now and then.