Mama Maria’s Kitchen – Lamalera

by hamishandkat

Another update due to google search results…

While in Lamalera we stayed at Mama Maria’s… I posted these couple of photos of her kitchen, but it might have been misconstrued a little or read out of context.

Yes, Mama Maria’s kitchen was a little on the rustic side, and the accommodation is basic, but if you’ve made the journey to Lamalera you’ve already experienced a lot of these sorts of places anyway.

The truth is that Mama Maria worked incredibly hard to make us feel at home and supply us with three meals a day despite having the most basic of kitchens. The Lonely Planet IndonesiA guide rates her food as the best in town and on speaking with the few tourists we met i would say this is absolutely correct.

If you’re making the trip to Lamalera, give her a chance or at least pay her a visit for a meal, she’s very lovely.