by hamishandkat

We didn’t mean to spend a day in Bajawa, but in Flores they have a religious holiday known as ‘Easter Sunday’ apparently… public transport shuts down and everyone goes to church.

After a bit of a grumble, we learnt our lesson to make the most of spending an unexpected day somewhere and took an ojek (motorbike taxi) each and a tour of local traditional villages and hot springs. Betelnut chewing grannies, rough roads and a bit of arak to wash it down after.

Credit system… The more horns lashed to the outside of your house, the more buffalo you owe-e-owe-e-owe.

The conical thatched roof in front signifies the villages female ancestors, the square ones behind are the males.

This photo cost me a dollar…

Male ancestor shrine, and burial stones on the left.

On the left: too hot.
On the right: too cold.
In the middle: just right.