Lombok to Sape Bus Journey

by hamishandkat

We decided to take a loooooong van-bus-ferry-bus-ferry trip from Senggigi, Lombok across Sumbawa to Labuanbajo, Flores.

Photo taken before leaving the busport in Mattaram, Lombok. We pulled out from the busport, around the corner, and stopped to pick up 3 chickens, 3 (open) cardboard crates of mealworms and what seemed like 5 cubic metres of cargo and about 20 people. The mealworms were relegated to the downstairs cargo hold, while the 3 chickens included a rooster that, thankfully, waited until 6.30am to start crowing.

Dinner in Sape, where we spent most of a day and a night after missing our connecting ferry to Flores. Jarkko, from Finland, was on the bus and is pictured centre. Nasi goreng cost us about $1.50 per person, including a can of coke each.

Sape Mosquito Farm… And it’s still more appealing than Bima.