by hamishandkat

The first time we lay eyes upon Victor, he is standing barefoot and proposing a toast to St. George and to The Queen. “There are two positions in life,” he tells us when i offer him a chair, “vertical, and horizontal. Anything else just seems unnatural”.

Cleese-esque in his appearance and deadpan delivery, you could be forgiven for thinking he may have been the inspiration for a character in a Fawlty Towers episode or Monty Python sketch.

A character in every sense of the word, Victor lives here in Ubud, Bali, and has done for forty years; without electricity or a telephone. He is a local expert in birds and butterflies, having had numerous books published and brought the Hash House Harriers to Bali. And he can down beers better than almost anyone I have ever seen, while still maintaining his impeccable English Gentlemen’s speech and character.

While we are within earshot of Victor, there are far too many moments that have Kat and I smiling to mention them all, but him shouting “Bonjour Madame” to a woman within a nanosecond of her driving her motorbike into the path of our oncoming car is probably a favourite.

Bali Legend?  Yes.

My new hero? Possibly.

Unfortuately I didn’t get a good photo of Victor, but I did find this one by someone else.